Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Where I deal with stupidity on the internets

I have had my share of asshats over the last few days. What is it about the internet that makes people think they can be Douchy McDouchertons? Is it the anonymity? Or are they all assholes in real life, too? First off, there's this  - you have to read the link she posts, too. I don't know why I had her on my friend's list, I think it was a combination of pity and fascination. She's an uber right wing Christian, married to a douche that lies, can't keep a job, and apparently has bad teeth (I mention that only because you really need the whole picture) and they have a daughter. And they are homeless at the moment. Living in a fucking tent. Had to give their kid to family. And she spouts the whole 'God's will' bullshit. Honey, it ain't God's will. It's just bad choices and a shitty marriage. All I'm saying is, people in this scenario really have no business handing out judgement, dontcha think?

The there's the Dragon Door forum. Great resource, I read it daily, but there are some people with serious superiority complexes. One dude in particular jumped down the throat of a first time poster, even referring to her as 'stupid'. Way to encourage a newbie! Asshole. I posted a little encouraging message for her, and then this: 
Arguing with people on the Internet is like competing in the Special Olympics. Even if you win, you're still retarded.
 Truer words were never spoken. Offensive, maybe, but this my blog, so you can suck it. Hard. 

God Lord, I am giving spell check a workout today! Speaking of retarded.....

In other non-snarky news, I encourage you to read this and this. All in all, cancer sucks. I hate cancer. I want to have a cage match with cancer. I'd wear a scary Mexican wrestling mask and yell filthy epithets before I performed a perfect piledriver and brought it to it's knees. Since I can't do any of that, really, I'll be participating in the Whisper Walk in honor of my grandmother, Adeline Bonafede Koller. I encourage all women to get screened for ovarian cancer. It's a silent killer. 

Damn, I threw a lot of links at you. Alrighty. I'm off.

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