Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I love reading Tracy's food posts even more than her training ones. I always get great ideas for dinner! It just so happens I had a couple of zucchini and yellow squash in the fridge, so I got out my stove top grill and went to work. I also grilled a red bell pepper, which I then ate all of- with a little salt and pepper and olive oil! It would have been tasty in the pasta I made, but I couldn't stop myself, and I figured, of all the things I could be bingeing on, this is probably in the top 10 of foods that are good for me. I think I got a good dose of vitamins A and C. I made a nice sugo  with fresh herbs from my garden and lots of garlic. I added some sweet Italian sausage and a handful of fresh spinach at the end, so it was barely wilted. I chopped up the grilled veggies and put it in, too. The kids had it over pasta, I had it as is, with extra veggies in mine. It was tasty. I'm lucky that  I have kids that will eat anything! Actually, luck has very little to do with it, I have always made sure they try lots of different types of cuisine! Henry and Tyler both love Indian food, and Henry and Addie both adore sushi. They'll eat pretty much any veggie on earth. It makes cooking healthy that much easier. Don't get me wrong, they love burgers and fries, too, but it's not the only thing they'll eat. 

Things with the folks still suck, but I tried to distance myself more today. It's hard, but I got to vent to a good friend of mine, who has known me since we were 12, so she is well aware of all the passive aggressive bullshit my parents are capable of. I don't really want to do anti depressants, I don't want weight gain and sexual dysfunction! I'd rather be unhappy, thin and have orgasms. Sorry, those are my priorities! Heh.

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