Friday, August 17, 2007

Workout Notes 7

590 total. I know, you're thinking "why the hell didn't she just push through to 600?" Well, chickadees, it's because my hands were giving out at about 400, and I pushed through that, taking slightly longer rests in between. I did get a nice little endorphin high around 500. I am trying to incorporate more snatches in, and I am finding that I can do as many as 10 in a row per arm, with a rest of about 15-30 seconds in between. I can do about 5-6 sets before my hands give out. And I HAVE to do something about my blisters. I keep ignoring them, and I know I need to smooth them down. The upside is that I am getting better with hooking my fingers on during swinging, instead of gripping it. It was a necessity today!

I have become bored with my usual workout song list. It's what you'd expect - AC/DC, Rage Against the Machine, A Perfect Circle, NIN, Judas Priest, White Zombie... you get the idea. So I've done some experimenting, and here's my new favorite workout tunes:
Bjork: Come to Me, Bachelorette, I Miss You, Joga
Viva Voce: From the Devil Himself, We Do Not Fuck Around, Believer
Scissor Sisters: Comfortably Numb, Laura, I Don't Feel Like Dancin'
Kate Bush: King of the Mountain, Cloudbusting

The Scissor Sister's cover of Pink Floyd is flipping hilarious! It's very BeeGees-esque! And Viva Voce... well, if you haven't listened to them, you should. We saw them open for The Shins in February. Un-fucking-believable!

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