Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Where it's going to be over 100 degrees and our air conditioning breaks

For reals, y'all.

It is almost 11am, and let me tell you, it is getting toasty in here. Our very decrepit air conditioning unit bit the dust last night at about 2am. None of us slept much, and I sent the kids off to my parents for the day. We have a new unit coming later this afternoon, and I am just hanging out in my sweltering house. Waiting.

I'm going to pretend it's 1942, maybe I won't be so pissy that it's HOTTER THAN HELL and I'm sweating like a whore in church!

I haven't done ANY kb training in exactly a week. I have no excuse. I can blame house cleaning - in-laws visiting- Addie's bday blah blah blah.... but the bottom line is: I just didn't make it a priority this week, and that sucks. But I hold myself accountable for my (non) actions, so there's no beating up to be done, just hop back on the horse and start in. Just... not today. I am sorry, but I'm not swinging in my sauna. Tomorrow.

Visit with the in-laws went really well. They stayed a day longer than usual, and the kids really loved having them here. They gave us a chunk of change towards a new air conditioner (uh- before it broke, how's that for the universe working itself out?) and then, as they were leaving last night, my MIL leaned in and said "you find out how much you have left on your car, we want to pay it off for you." I had a total Oprah moment. I cried and could not stop. They have always been generous with us, but this is not something I would have expected. Coming from an upbringing where money was always tight, and I had to pay for anything extra myself - and being a single mom at age 23 - I have never had anyone that would step in and do these grand gestures. I was so deeply touched by this offer, I am still utterly blown away by it. That is the definition of kind and selfless. I have had car payments for 10 years, and I cannot wait to have none. We will have NO unsecured debt. Just the house. Wow.

So that's life right now, in all it's up and down roller coaster glory. I am feeling very grateful for my life right now.

Even if I am a little hot.


Katie said...

*hee* YEA!
I wanted to celebrate your oprah moment with you. Thank you for sharing your birth story of your addie and happy birthday to her. (there's pictures of mia in my journal on her recent birthday)
You rule the skool girl!
Sorry, you've always been hot, not anything a little a/c can cool off...


Christine said...

Ha! I'm not feeling so hot, just sticky, and not in a good way!

Good to hear from you, hope your kiddies are all well!