Thursday, August 9, 2007

Where I get back in the swing of things

What a week.

Okay, first off? My house? Got insanely hot. I believe it was in the mid nineties in here at it's hottest. I did okay until about 3pm, and then I started to feel sick. I think I got a little dehydrated. Anyway, they got here about 5:30pm to install the new AC, and finished about 9pm. It took all night for the house to cool down, so I was glad the kids were at my parent's house. The new unit is awesome, my upstairs has never been this cool and comfortable before! So it's all good.

I didn't swing yesterday, I was too worn out from the previous day. So today it was.... and I hate working out after it's been awhile, even a short while. I always feel rusty. I mixed it up today, and in between sets, I did either push ups (and not the pussy girly ones), crunches, or a few yoga poses. Oh, and TGUs, which, just to remind myself and those reading at home, I fucking HATE. So, my total reps for KBs was only 400, but I believe I taxed myself out with the other stuff. I never let my heart rate fully come down. It was an interesting routine. I worked some on snatches, but kept it to mostly swings.

The weather here is less than fun. It's going to be well over 100 for the next week, and I have to get creative with entertaining the kids. Morning and evenings are the only acceptable times to get them out. Even the pool is too hot - the water is warm. Ick! School starts for Tyler a week from today, and for Henry a week from this coming Monday. I am so ready for a routine again, I feel very disjointed during the summer.

I can't believe I got NO comments for the placenta photo! You people disappoint me! I think it looks like a flank steak with a telephone cord attached to it.


Best Case Scenario said...

A friend of mine's husband said that he thought the placenta (from when she gave birth to their child) looked like jello made out of raw liver... interesting descriptive. Perhaps there could be room in the world for "the placenta monologues" where is Even Ensler when you need her.

Christine said...

I am placenta obsessed - it was the one thing I told Bryan he HAD to get a picture of. I'm fascinated by the thought that this was my baby's home for nine months!

But I'm also thrilled that I will never, ever, ever be pregnant again!