Tuesday, July 24, 2007

workout notes

520 reps today. Started with 2 minute sets, single transfers, 8kg. Did 2 of those timed sets, about 80 reps each set. Two minutes was a tad too long, and I didn't want to get tired out before I reached my goal of 500. Timing annoys me, so I went back to just counting, shooting for about 40 in each set - roughly one minute sets. Did a few sets of the toss-catch-squat thing, a few sets with the 12kg, and tried to work on snatches. Banged the CRAP out of my wrists. (I am well aware that's bad form, I make it clear in a lot of entries that snatches are by far the hardest move for me to get down!) Also bad form today on cleans and presses - actually managed to bash my left shoulder while cleaning the 12kg. Ow. So I stuck mostly with swinging. I noticed as I got close to 500, that the veins in my hands and lower arms started to pop out a little. As if I'm not veiny enough.
I found that my hands went first - as far as energy and stamina, I felt I could've kept going another hundred at least. Even with a little protection on my hands, it started to chafe quite a bit. Am I total pussy if I put a little tape on as well?

I need to post video so I can get some feedback. I'm sure you'll all be impressed with my multitasking - swinging high reps while yelling at the kids upstairs to quit jumping on the furniture, and yes, mommy will be done soon, just give her 5 more damn minutes for the love of god, and Addie, please wipe yourself for a change! Yes, it's getting so distracting that I may have to suck it up and do my swings in the early am. And I really don't want to.