Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Where I talk about the crazy

Between my sister-in-law and my Great Aunt, I am about ready to lose my shit. My brother's wife, A., is batshit nuts. I am not saying this to be mean - she's had to be hospitalized several times, and both her parents suffer from mental illness. There is a part of me that feels sorry for her - she went through some horrible things as a child - but another part of me is just sick of her shit. She has been a burden on our family for almost 9 years, and she has never been nice to me. She decided to hate me, sight unseen. She is resentful of my close relationship with my mother (because she was abandoned by hers) and she managed to, over the years, destroy my relationship with my brother. I mean, I still see him on holidays and birthdays, but we are not close at all.

It just wears on me. I won't even get into specifics here, because really, it's just the same old shit, different year. Some days I am more adept at dealing with it. other days, I let it get to me. Too bad it's not a swinging day, I could really pound it out today.

Spent most of the day at the pool, trying to get henry over his fear of deep water. he has such a mental block, he is literally terrified. He has a meltdown at his lesson and refused to jump in. I worked with him all afternoon, starting in the 3 foot and working our way down to the 5 foot. He did a lot better, and I am exhausted! I had him sit at the edge and watch me jump in and swim back and forth, I did the back stroke, I dove under and touched the bottom of the deep end to show him it was no big deal. After an hour, he was beat, and so was I! We came home, the younger kiddos are napping (thank jebbus) and Tyler's playing the Wii. We'll be back at the pool tonight after dinner for more jumping drills with Henry. I do believe I will sleep well tonight. I feel like I could go to sleep right now.