Sunday, July 15, 2007

Where feel like a total badass

Had a ROCKIN' workout this evening. Unusual for any workout that takes place after 7pm! I lost track of reps, but I think I was somewhere in the 350 - 370 range. I stopped counting around 340. My back felt the best it's felt in a loong time, and I did a few - oh, crap, I don't know what they're called, but they look like the two-handed swing-catch-squat thing Tracy does in this video: . I did them with the 26 (12kg), and I think I managed about 30 reps at the end of my workout before I wanted to collapse. It definitely challenged me and changed the way my body feels!

It seems the key with any physical exertion is to keep my core muscles as tight as I can to protect my lower back. I find if I do that, and keep mindful of my back, I do ok.

My calories are very low today, not so much by choice - it's hotter than hell here, and I tend to have no appetite when it's hot. I had coffee this morning, a small chunk of chicken about 2pm, Then a green salad with chicken and avacado for dinner. That's about it. It puts me right around 8 or 900. Too low, but I'm not hungry. I'm getting ready to shower and go to bed, so food is done for the day. I'm sure I'll be starving tomorrow.

When we got the kids in the car this morning after going to get coffee, I said to Bryan that it felt like we were almost there with the kids, that they're all getting to an age that's manageable, and we're on the verge of being able to do a lot more with them, as well as without them! It's all getting so much easier, and I am so grateful to have all big kids with great personalities and a wicked sense of humor!

That's all here. I'm going to scrub my 20 layers of grime and sweat off and go to bed.


Royce said...


Nice swinging! Yeah keep your abs tight and breathe shallow. Pavel calls it "breathing behind the sheild". Nice work!!

Anonymous said...

That sounds like one satisfying day! Awesome.

christine said...

Thanks guys!
Oh. My. God. I am so frigging sore today! Mostly my neck and shoulders - I would have thought my hammies would've taken the brunt of it, but nooooo!


Royce said...

Heavy swings just NAIL my traps!