Friday, June 1, 2007

Where I state the obvious

I MUST start swinging in the morning. No energy in the afternoon. I put it off ALL DAY, ran errands in the morning, Tyler had a friend over, had to make buttercream and cake (buttercream is very labor intensive - I was probably in the kitchen for 3 hours) plus repotted some plants, fed the birds and set up the new feeders, and lastly, worked on potty training Addie. Which meant I was scrubbing poop of of the floor, the potty chair, Addie, and me. Fun!

So here it is, 4 pm, and I finally head down to swing. Guess what? No energy. None. Totally drained. 95 swings, alternating left and right. Tried to swing the 35#, but after 5, knew it was just not a heavy day. Did 15 clean and press each side, and 10 deadlifts with the big 'un. That was all I could muster.

I hate getting up early to do it, but it's the most logical time of the day. So, Sunday morning. We'll see.


Jenny said...

I have found, when forcing myself to workout oin no energy, if you eat a cheese stick, or a little peanut butter on a cracker, something with a lot of protein, it kicks you just enough to get through it. I usually eat one of those little baby bonbel cheese wheels. But I'm a cheese hog anyway. hey, its better than sucking down a sugar packet, which is what I used to do to get myself through a wait shift at Chili's in college.

christine said...

Yeah, I hadn't eaten enough either. Not to mention that between 3- 4pm is my 'down time'. I typically want to collapse in front of the TV and do nothing!

Tracy said...

Thank God for spring! The garage isn't freezing so I can get out there earlier.

I know I don't have any responsibilities, like little ones, so it's easy for me to get in a hot bath around 6:15am for 10 min. (the trick is getting out!)and then heading out to the garage gym by 6:45. My workout is done before 8am.

I do find that if I start later than 8am I do need a little something to eat, usually a couple of prunes and almonds.

christine said...

I have really enjoying swinging out on the patio; especially early in the morning as the sun is not completely risen. It's just a matter of getting my ass in gear. Getting to bed earlier might help, too!