Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Where I shout out "I'm back, y'all!"

The trip was good, we stayed the first night at the Peabody in downtown Memphis and it was so delightful and swanky that I swore I didn't want to leave! We ordered room service, and it was brought in on a little table, all set with silver and cloth napkins - the kids thought that was a huge deal! We swam in the pool and sat in the hot tub, slept on the most divinely comfortable bed ever - all down and fluffy and heavenly, and when we woke up, we could look out our window at the mighty Mississippi.
My father-in-law arranged to have the kids be 'honorary duckmasters' the next day, so we all got to go up to the roof and get them out of the Duck Palace, and ride down the elevator with them. People gather to watch this every day - 11am, when the ducks come down and hop in the fountain, and 5pm when they go back up to their home on the roof. They roll out a red carpet, even! My kids thought they were rock stars, it was so cute!

We went to my in-laws after that, and got to see the new house. It was really nice, and we had the entire second floor to ourselves. Nice! My twin nieces have gotten huge, and they're a hoot! We spent a lot of time just hanging with the family, it was a good time.

I did okay with the food, all things considered. But I DID eat a fair amount of crap I didn't need to. I felt bloated by the time we got back to KC. I'm feeling a little better now, eating minimal and drinking lots of water. I did some swinging down there, but not enough! So now, vacation is OVER! Time to get back in the swing of things!

Oh! And I almost forgot, Bryan got a Wii for his b-day! It's too damn much fun!

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