Sunday, June 24, 2007

Where I feel smug, again

Three-hundred and five SWINGS, people! And only 50 of them with the 9lb! The rest was mostly 26, and about 30 swings with the 35! I switched to the heavier bell when I started to feel weak (funny, eh? There's a method to my madness!) Then I switched back to the 26, and it felt lighter! Ha! So I was able to press on through. I got to 290, then switched back to the 35 for the final swings. I did over 300, just to prove I could! Then I switched to the lighter bell for 10 clean and press (L and R) 20 snatches (L and R) making a grand total of 365 reps! Yee-haw!

We'll see how smug I feel tomorrow, when I can't move.


Royce said...

Damn!! You are kicking butt woman!!! rock on.

christine said...

I feel like I'm finally seeing a little bit of progress with weight AND reps. I'm not seeing the physical evidence yet (as far as looking different) but I FEEL stronger, so that's good! Next stop, 400!