Monday, May 28, 2007

Where I wait for my heart to explode out of my chest cavity

Swinging day. I am very late getting to it- so much to do before heading to mom's house for dinner. I was getting ready to shower when I thought "nope, need to swing first, if you shower, you'll never get to it." So down into the basement I went. 180 swings total - 60 of them done with Bryan's 35 pounder. Yep, you heard me. I switched back to the 9 pound after 40 swings, and it felt like nothing. Really, time to upgrade. It was a serious workout for me. I have seen videos of weightlifters grunting and making noise, but I have personally never been very vocal with my workouts. When I belonged to a gym, I was too self conscious to try anything really heavy (for me). I didn't want to look stupid or weak - especially surrounded by intimidating buff people. But in my grimy basement, there's no one to judge. Except the cats, and they learned awhile ago to stay the hell away when I'm swinging! I found myself making grunting noises of exertion that until now, had only been uttered during childbirth.

Sixty 35# swings is not a lot for some people, but it's a huge milestone for me, especially considering the lack of training and focus for the last 5 weeks or so. I feel immensely proud of myself right now. I also feel like the minute I try to stand up from the chair, my legs are going to collapse out from under me, and I am going to have to crawl to the shower.

I wonder how much I'm going to hurt tomorrow?


Royce said...

HELL YEAH!!!! Swinging the 35 at your weight is no joke, you should be proud!! Grunting is half the fun!

christine said...

I am seriously having a hard time walking - but hey, at least I know I got a good workout!