Thursday, April 19, 2007

Where I say 'ow'

Trapezius muscles? Killing me. I upped my weights for aerobics today, from 5lb to 8lb. I picked the wrong day to do that! We had a sub instructor, and she was ruthless! I was already a little sore from yesterdays swings, so this just amped up that pain more! My complaint of 'not feeling the burn' the other day in class? Oh, I felt it today! Smugness is gone! Oy, could I use a deep tissue massage!

I have lost inches in my chest, thighs, and arms, but nothing in my waist or hips. So depressing. I know if I got my eating in gear, I'd see changes faster. I have been doing a lot of reflecting about my relationship with food, and it's too much to type out now (taking the kids outside for a picnic lunch) but I will be making a post soon about it. I have had to really be honest with myself, and we all know, it sucks to examine your faults and weaknesses.


Royce said...

Rememeber your waist, hips, and glutes get a good workout from swings. You very well could have added a little functional mass there.
This is a good thing!

christine said...

I seriously could barely get out of bed today! I decided to make today my day off, and swing tomorrow.

And the ab routine in class was absolutely brutal. Most crunches and whatnot I don't feel the next day, but today, it hurt to cough!

Christine Petty said...

Muscles! Yay!

christine said...

The other day at aerobics, I really did have an epiphany of sorts. I was next to this super-skinny, no muscle tone kind of girl - the kind that you can tell totally starves herself and proudly shops in the juniors section even though she's in her 30's - and in the past, I would have been the tiniest bit evious of her skinny frame. But all of a sudden, I was like 'eeewwww' - I want MUSCLE and TONE. I want to be strong and vibrant, and not be a slave to what the scale tells me! I'm trying not to weigh obsessively, and to focus on doing what is healthy - building muscle!

Tracy said...

Skinny is not attractive! Looking strong, lean and fit is far more satifying.