Saturday, April 7, 2007

Where I address the problem of child obesity

Yes, I'm squirting 62% dark chocolate ganache into my 2 year olds mouth.

Hard at work:

The fruits of my labor:

One order delivered earlier (the sister of the customer wants to give my card to some rich fundraising democrat who has big parties for the likes of the motherfucking Clintons and Al Gore! I can hope....) another box of samples delivered to the wedding chick, and one more basket to get together tonight for tomorrow. I am seriously ready to fall on my face. I frosted for 7 hours yesterday. I see cookies in my sleep. The good thing is...I would fucking vomit if I had to eat one! It's aversion therapy!


Tracy said...

Did you eat any??? Maybe I should get into the cookie business!

The cookies look stunning, but I still want some brownies.

christine said...

Nope, didn't eat any! Sugar cookies have never been my favorite, and I really hate them frosted. Now, the Sicilian Easter pie I made is another story? Sicilian desserts are typically not sweet at all. This is a deep pie (made in a springform pan) made with rice, milk, ricotta, orange rind, raisins, and a scant amount of sugar. I love anything with orange rind! I made it as a surprise for my mom, it's all memories of her childhood. Anyhoo, it was GOOD!

Tracy said...

OMG, I have to have that recipe! Mark and I like different sweets, thank god, that's why I can buy him his shit and not be tempted to eat it. This cake is right up his alley! He doesn't like things too sweet and he's a ricotta cheese freak!

I don't know if I've sent you my email, but it's tracyrif@yahoo. com