Friday, March 23, 2007

Where I talk about mostly nothing of interest

Left the house as soon as the sleepy 11- year old was up. I literally could not deal with another moment in the house. We went to Broadway, got coffee (their hazelnut mochas are pretty much guaranteed to life my spirits) and headed to Crown Center. Let the kids eat at Fritz's (okay, I ordered a chili cheese dog, but I only had a few bites. Coffee tends to supress my appetite, so Addie the child with the hollow leg ate it, and her burger too) and we went to the Crayola store and stocked up on new crayons and sidewalk chalk. Went out to the running shoe place and got inserts for my totally sucky Nikes. They're still not optimal for running, but they're much improved until i can justify another pair. We'll see how my knee does this evening, weather providing.

Now the kids are (semi) contentedly coloring.... wait, let me revise that, I hear shreiking downstairs... oy, I tell you, it truly is never ending. As I said to Bryan at 5 am when Addie insisted on me getting in bed with her: "I just can't catch a break".

Off to referee. Again.

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