Thursday, September 4, 2008

Where I get back to our regularly scheduled programming

Inspired by Tracy, I decided to try a (very extreme) moderation of her latest routine, as it's what I like to do: swings! I could swing all day, every day. TGUs, snatches, C&P: these all take a little more motivation and effort for me.

I started with one minute work/rest sets with the 12kg. Starting with two handed, then single trans, then swinging 5 each arm, then 10 each arm. Then I switched up to the 16kg and did 30 second work/rest sets: two handed, then single trans, then 2 swings each, then 3 each, and that was as high as I could get at that weight. I think I did about 100 reps, give or take, at that weight. Then I went back to the 12kg and one minute sets, mostly swinging 10 before transferring until I hit 400. I suppose I could've done more, but I was feeling a little sore from yoga (no smugness here, no siree) and don't want to overdo to a point where I can't train. Anyhoo, so there it is. Addie has school tomorrow, so I'll get to walk in the morning - how novel, I don't have to wait until the kids are in bed! 

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