Friday, July 18, 2008

workout Post

325 reps - can't up the weights without sacrificing the numbers.

I actually restarted my gymboss after swinging 20 reps with the 8kg. I was in a pissy mood anyway, and it was doing nothing for me. I thought 'this is bullshit. Up your fucking weight already!' So I restarted my gymboss and went with the 12kg. 200 swings with that - mostly alternating between sets of single transfers, and single swings of 5 per arm (one minute sets). Then 100 singles with the 16kg. I finished off with a mish mosh of snatches and C&P with the 12kg. I really need to not wait until the end when I'm tired to do snatches. Especially with a heavier weight. Ow.


Amy said...

Glad to see you did some KB work. From your Twitter updates, it looks like you're not eating enough if you're dropping so much weight. Be safe and TRY to eat some protein and veggies every day. Your body need nutrients so it can function through this stressful time. I'm not your mother, but I am a mother, so I'm giving you an order! ;-)

I'll keep sending you strength vibes from Iowa. When I'm snatching for 20 minutes straight tomorrow, I'll think of yah!!

Christine said...

I think it's a combo of the side effects of the zoloft, along with stress- food just doesn't sound good to me! I live a good part of the day on coffee, and then try to force myself to eat a little dinner.

Although, my plans to hit 130 have been waylaid by a few rather large bowls of ice cream the last 2 nights. On to more heavy swinging to work that off!

Amy said...

I hear yah! When I started on zoloft I dropped a lot of weight too. (Un)fortunately it came back and now I am working like hell to get it/keep it off. The ice cream I had last night doesn't help my cause, does it?