Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Pity, party of moi

As much as I think I could do Anne Sexton better than Anne Sexton (or Sylvia Plath), no I have not taken a handful of pills and sat in my garage with the engine running. My van wouldn't even fit, the garage is too small. I kid, I kid. Dark, ominous, inappropriate kidding. 

Not that I am not in a horrible place, and think bad things. But they're just thoughts, and trust me, I have had my hand on the phone off and on today, thinking "is it time for that 3 day stay at the psych ward?" But I'm not there yet. I am however, taking a wee break from my Dad, who is being incredibly douchy and pissy. My kids have had a craptastic summer, and I have to get them out of the house and to the pool. To expect them to sit in a dark house while my father sleeps off and on and listen to his nonstop criticism of them.... it's just unacceptable. Henry said to me today "Apaa rolls his eyes at you a lot." Yeah, kid, I know. I know. 

It's incredibly hard to go through this. Even more so, alone. I cannot paint a smile on anymore. I cannot be perky for acquaintances who can't handle the truth. And if one more asshole says "he seems FINE!", I am going to cut a bitch. Fer reals, y'all. 

In other news, I let Henry get a mohawk. Well, more of a fauxhawk, but he wears it better than that Maddox Jolie-Pitt kid could any day of the week.

Double angry Henry, looking like the badass he is:

*and thank you all for the comments, I read them and appreciate anyone that take the time to read my crap and write to me. I heart you all.


Julie said...

oh, my darling Henry. Check out that fierce scowl!!!

I almost slit the urologist's throat when he said last wednesday about my mom, 'She looks good to me!' I wanted to say, 'dude, if this is good to you, you need your presciption checked.' shall we note this was two days' prior to her starting to go into kidney failure?


Anyway! I am thinking of you and love you. I am headed to a Red Sox game on Sunday because i, too, need some fun time. As my therapist said last night, "you need to take time for yourself." she was talking to you too, girl.

Love ya!

hillary said...

WHOA!!! thats some raaad hair on henry! im totally going to visit you tomorrow, if you arent busy. ill call.