Monday, April 7, 2008

I can't believe I'm going to talk about my food with all that's going on. But it's all tied together, isn't it? I said to a girlfriend of mine, through a crying jag, "well, if this doesn't push me over the edge to a serious binge, I don't know what will!" And I meant it. I thought, screw it, I don't care anymore. Thankfully, between her and my mom, cooler heads prevailed and told me no, I've come too far to let this interfere. 

My food has not been great today, I'll say that, but not terrible. I snacked more than I usually do, and skipped the healthy soup I'd made in favor of a sugar free latte and a half a ham sandwich and the kid's 'all natural' cheese puffs. My calories were ok, around 1300. No exercise, of course. 

I'm all disjointed and can't think. Going to go try to focus on the NCAA championship.

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