Thursday, January 31, 2008

Where I am officially sick of winter

To all you folks who live in warm, temperate climates: 

fuck you all

I don't mean to sound bitter, but, well, I am. Just a bit. We are supposed to get snow today. Again. It's a heavy, dark winter sky, and I am done. I'd be happy with a day in the 40's at this point. I'd be wearing shorts and flip flops. 

I don't have anything of interest to report. Lots of cooking and baking going on. It's time consuming feeding a family of five 3 homemade meals a day, with nothing prepackaged. Exhausting, actually. 

The only noteworthy thing I have to report is... I cannot fucking wait until Lost tonight! It is all I am living for. Because I live in a cold, shitty climate where there is nothing to do and I am stuck home with kids 99% of the time. So bored. So tired. 

Need sunlight. Now.

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