Friday, July 13, 2007

Where I come in swinging

First KB routine post-bad back. I kept it short and light - mostly just to see how it felt while I was doing it, and to see how i feel tonight and tomorrow. I tried to be very mindful of my lower back, and kept my core as tight and stabilized as I could. I only did about 150 swings, some the lightest bell, some with the 26#. I definitely felt winded more quickly than usual, although, it is a lot later in the day from when I usually swing. It'll be walking and a little yoga tonight to stretch out.

Food was alright today. Coffee and half and half for breakfast, spicy tuna rolls for lunch, a chocolate cookie in the afternoon (it was only ONE) and dinner was a small hunk of havarti cheese, oven roasted tomatoes, and grilled summer squash. Very light dinner. Nonfat frozen yogurt for dessert. I'm feeling a little bit more in control of things. Having a healthy attitude towards food is harder than it sounds.

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