Friday, June 8, 2007

Where I feel a little stressed and disjointed

I always feel frazzled right before a big trip. Packing for 5 people is a pain! So much to do before we leave... need to make sure the neighbor girl is going to take care of the cats, need to alter the 2 dresses I want to bring (hate sewing!), have to plan our 'road food' for the Thursday drive (no fast food!), ugh!

I had a slip up in my eating yesterday. Nothing major, but I did make a strawberry rhubarb cobbler. The cobbler had butter, brown sugar, and heavy cream in it. I had a bowl, and man, it did a number on my gut! I've been eating fairly clean the last 5-6 days, and my gut did not like the heaviness of that dessert! I still feel a little off today. It's been interesting to see how much energy I have if I'm really being aware of what (and WHY) I eat. I'm finally back to where my weight was before I got sick. Yaay!

I'm a little intimidated with my new KB. It's going to be 2 handed swings for awhile. I can manage a few singles (I THINK), but cleans, presses, windmills, and snatches are OUT OF THE QUESTION for the time being. I'm sure my volume will go down, too, but that's ok. I know the heavier weight is the way to go!

I have nothing else to report. I still don't want to blog about my Aunt. She's been... well, draining. It's been especially hard on my parents, and I'm resentful of her for that. But soon, I will blog about it. Just not now.

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