Sunday, June 3, 2007

Where I blog Sunday's swings

Got it in the morning, yaay! Of course, I was interrupted several times with the kids standing at the top of the stairs, yelling down to me "are you done yet, mommy?" or "are you having fun down there?" or "my bottom hurts, I need to poop!" I came upstairs for the last one, and yes, in the middle of my workout, we had potty training success. Go Addie!

Anyway, given how weak I've felt the last several workouts, I decided to forget the 35# and just swing light, but go for volume. I did 70 swings to start, alternating in sets of 10, then did 30 single transfers, then 70 swings again, then 40 hot potatoes (20 standing, 20 squatting - thanks for the video Royce!) That was it. Not too bad, but could be better. I need to start walking again. Life has been so busy, my evening walks have gone by the wayside.

The doll cake turned out great, looked good and tasted better (yellow cake with strawberry buttercream in the middle, lemon buttercream on the outside. Mmmmm!) I also got new ink last night, on my feet. Ouch. I have bony feet, and we all know tattooing on bone HURTS! I'll post pics later today. Now: bath, kids dressed, and off the church!

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