Monday, March 26, 2007

Where I can't stay on any given topic and ramble aimlessly

Is naptime a blessing or a curse? I wonder at this a lot. It seems to interfere with plans on a regular basis. We'll be out, Addie is looking sleepy, so oops! We have to go home. Go home, gongerly put her in bed, and of course, she wakes up, raring to go. Like today, for example. She's in her bed as we speak, periodically yelling "mommy!' and talking to her Hello Kitty. She's also yelling something about chocolate and her puppy, too, but her speech is still a little muddled, so I have no idea what that's all about.

I am dizzy with house hunting. My Aunt is being uber picky. "I hate black granite and black appliances" - "I hate decks, they just rot out" - " That's too expensive " - " I hate green " ugh.

Despite my best efforts to ignore the leak in our kitchen ceiling, it has reached a point where it has to be dealt with. Should it worry me that my plumber makes jokes about us being his ticket to retirement?

I have been too tired to eat today. I cleaned to kitchen and don't want to make a mess. At least one time that my sheer laziness works to my advantage.

On a good note, the Jazzercise debacle is all taken care of, my card is updated and I can go to class again. It's so damn cheesy, but it's a workout, and the childcare is cheap.

My peony bush is sprouting it's burgandy' green leaves. In about a month, it will be lush and green and huge, covered in large fuchia blooms. It is right out my kitchen window, so I can enjoy it as I work in there.

I have a big cookie order for Easter, and I am seriously not feeling it. Especially since it's for a raffle which means I don't get paid! Free advertising is great and all, but money is a better motivater.

My thoughts are too disjointed today.

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